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In the global quest for a circular bioeconomy and a more sustainable food system, fermentation-derived proteins can significantly up the sustainability game for proteins used in food, feed and fine chemicals. To accelerate the development of an all-encompassing ecosystem for such sustainable proteins, Flanders’ major industry and innovation actors are joining forces in The ProteInn Club in Ghent, Flanders.

Shift towards fermentation-based proteins

Climate change, nitrogen pollution, the need for food security and more economical water and land usage … These and other pressing matters have induced an interest in fermentation-based proteins in the global food and bioeconomy industries in recent years. 

Microbial proteins not only provide a significant market potential in the shift away from animal-based proteins, they also show substantial benefits in terms of sustainability. Compared to other production processes for proteins, fermentation is much more efficient, emits fewer greenhouse gasses, and requires less space, water and resources.

Facilitating fermentation innovation

To further develop innovations that put all those features of fermentation-based proteins to good use, the innovation platform The ProteInn Club was recently established in Ghent, Flanders. It’s a promising collaboration between:

Unmatched potential for protein ecosystem

These knowledge centers will work closely together to share their insights with organizations eager to follow suit with the protein transition. In doing so, they aim to create and foster an ecosystem that will facilitate the production, consumption and application of fermentation-based proteins.

The city of Ghent, where The ProteInn Club was established, is filled with innovative and specialized parties in the field of microbial fermentation that can help realize these ambitious plans.

We bring parties from different industries together in projects and remove barriers for collaboration or symbiosis. In addition to large companies, SMEs and start-ups, the ProteInn Club's ecosystem consists of government organizations, consumers and investors.

Simon De Corte from Ghent University

No fewer than 27 businesses have already stepped up to support The ProteInn Club. Among them are frontrunners active in Flanders’ food and feed industry, environmental tech and sustainability, and the development of machinery and technology.

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