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Highly skilled, highly trained and multilingual

Flanders’ education system receives top grades. What’s more, the region’s universities are renowned worldwide and specialize in advanced niches, while its management and business schools are ranked among the world’s most competitive.

In short, Flanders’ education system is poised to endow your (future) employees with the necessary managerial and language skills as well as the technical and scientific competencies they need to develop and/or handle innovative products, systems, solutions, processes and technologies.

One of the world’s most productive workforces

Flanders is the perfect place for labor productivity. This has to do with the region’s excellent business environment, high standard of living and other perks that combine to generate a unique environment for success.

Interesting options for flexible labor

Flanders makes employment management processes smooth and simple. The region’s system of economic unemployment, flexible scheduling options, simplified right of dismissal process and employer benefits attached to shift and night work offer many advantages for companies operating in Flanders.