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Brussels Airport, where quality meets connectivity

Located at Zaventem (Flanders), Brussels Airport is Belgium’s main international airport and most convenient point of access. The airport offers fast and frequent services, not just into the center of Brussels but to towns and cities across Flanders.


Brussels Airport is renowned for its high-quality air transport standards. To give just one example: in 2014, it was the first and only airport worldwide to obtain the ‘IATA CEIV Pharma’ certificate – the most stringent quality label for (temperature-sensitive) transport of pharmaceutical products.

Antwerp Airport, your connection to huge market potential

Located only 4 kilometers from Antwerp City, Antwerp Airport connects your business to 1.5 million people within 30 minutes by car. Take a one-hour drive from the airport, and the market potential doubles to 3 million people.

Ostend-Bruges International Airport, fast and flexible

Situated at just 6 kilometers from Ostend City, Ostend-Bruges Airport offers direct access to numerous towns in Spain, Turkey, Italy, France, Bulgaria, as well as several Greek Islands.

Kortrijk-Wevelgem Airport, remarkably accessible

Kortrijk-Wevelgem Airport is not only a remarkably accessible business airport. It’s also the closest airport to martyr town Ypres and the world-famous World War I battlefields that surround it.