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Tools for private use

  • PC/laptop
  • mobile devices (tablet, smartphone, etc.)
  • internet connection
  • mobile phone subscription
  • company car 

Premium on private life events

  • wedding and legal cohabitation premium
  • birth premium
  • child benefits
  • child care expenses
  • seniority premium 

Vouchers and coupons

  • meal vouchers
  • sport and cultural activity vouchers
  • gift vouchers
  • eco vouchers 

Reimbursement of travel expenses

  • mandatory when commuting by public transport

Reimbursement of work-related expenses

  • representation expenses
  • documentation expenses
  • transportation costs (for meetings)
  • expenses related to working from home 

Results-related benefits

  • end-of-year bonuses
  • holiday bonuses

Group pension funds

When companies pay a fixed monthly sum to an insurance company for employee collection upon retirement, employers can deduct monthly insurance payments and only pay 8.86% of social contributions on these payments (vs. the usual 25%).

Hospitalization insurance

Payments for hospitalization insurance covering their employees are exempt from social security contributions.

Alternative remuneration

Bonuses granted to employees on top of their salaries are taxed at standard progressive rates. However, there are other ways to give back to employees, including:

  • warrants are tax deductible and exempt from social security contribution;
  • CBA 90 collective bonus plans based on the company’s results, with low contributions and tax incentives for both employer and employee;
  • profit premiums that allocate company profits to employees as cash benefits, exempting employers from social contributions on these premiums.