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Manufacturing made innovative

From its various sites across the region, Flanders Make stimulates open innovation through excellent research. In addition, companies active in the manufacturing industry can also work with the strategic research center through custom innovation trajectories.

What’s more, Flanders Makes offers companies access to diverse testing and validation infrastructure for their products and/or production processes. Today, the research center boasts a team of over 750 researchers working full-time as part of a unique research community centered around a common industrial research agenda.

Tomorrow’s vehicles, machines and factories

Flanders Make’s overall goal and mission is to contribute to the technological development of the vehicles, machines and factories of the future, creating indispensable added value for the manufacturing industry in the process. 

In close collaboration with the industry, Flanders Make helps companies innovate better and faster. In doing so, the center attaches great importance to international cooperation in terms of innovation while participating in European research projects.