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Responsible for major breakthroughs and spin-offs

VIB is renowned for its breakthroughs in life sciences research, especially in the following fields: 

  • cancer research;
  • immunology and inflammation; 
  • neurobiology and molecular neurology;
  • microbiology;
  • medical biotechnology;
  • structural biology;
  • plant systems biology.

In addition, VIB is known for its capacity to translate research excellence into tangible applications, resulting in the creation of over 30 spin-off companies in 25 years. 

Some of VIB’s bio-incubators and accelerators

  • Ghent: ADX Neuroscience, Agrosavfe, amatsiQBiologicals, amatsiSEPS, Complix, Intrexon Actobiotics, Orionis Biosciencs, MyCartis, ProDigest, Yakult.
  • Leuven: Remynd, OncoMethylome Sciences, Formac Pharmaceuticals, Regenesys, CPMG, ThromboGenics, imCyse, Cistim, Oncurious.
Plant technology: researcher in lab at VIB