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Environmental impact

A permit is required to authorize a number of specific activities and establishments depending on their environmental impact:

  • Category III activities only require prior notification to the competent authorities.
  • Category I and category II activities are subject to a permit.

For both categories, similar approval procedures are applied and involve an assessment of the potential impact on the environment such as noise, air and water pollution, waste disposal and efforts to prevent major accidents.

Construction works

For most construction, demolition and renovation works, you will have to go through the integrated procedure to obtain an urban planning permit. This is also a requirement if you wish to build a parking lot, cut down trees or modify the use of buildings. Minor changes to existing buildings and small construction works, however, generally do not require an urban planning permit.

How to apply for the integrated permit

The integrated permit (called ‘omgevingsvergunning’) combines the urban planning, environmental and retail permits. Obtaining one for your professional activities in Flanders requires:

  • a single application through the online desk ‘Omgevingsloket’;
  • public inquiry;
  • consultation round and decision from the competent authority.

It is advisable to have the application file prepared by specialists and/or consultants. The required information about the planning and permit status of a plot of land or existing business premises can be obtained by requesting an urban planning excerpt (called ‘stedenbouwkundig uittreksel’ in Dutch) at the competent municipal office.

In some municipalities, this still needs to be done by requesting town planning information (referred to as ‘stedenbouwkundige inlichtingen’ in Dutch).