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A global family of niche life science firms, Los Angeles-based Calibre Scientific is acquiring Achrom, which distributes chromatography consumables, equipment and accessories from its homebase in the town of Zulte in Flanders. This strategic decision marks Calibre Scientific’s first-ever acquisition in the Benelux and aims to further boost the company’s growing presence across Europe.

All things chromatography

Established in 1991, Achrom has extensive knowledge and technical knowhow in chromatography, a technique for the separation of a mixture into its components. The Flanders-based company serves customers in industries such as pharma, chemistry and the environmental sector as well as private, clinical and hospital labs.

In doing so, Achrom offers a broad product portfolio that includes – but is not limited to – liquid chromatography columns, gas chromatography columns, vials, seals, caps, valves, tubing and analytical gas generators, all while providing differentiated technical support to suppliers and customers alike.

Bolstering market coverage

Through the acquisition of Achrom, Los Angeles-based Calibre Scientific is able to add another distinguished company to its platform. The acquisition also helps the global group to bolster its European market coverage while further enhancing its growing chromatography product portfolio.

We are pleased to add Achrom to the Calibre Scientific family.

Ben Travis
CEO of Calibre Scientific

“Achrom has been supplying the Benelux market for over 30 years,” explains Ben Travis, CEO of Calibre Scientific. “The company has built a strong reputation with long-standing clients, anchoring itself in the supply chain ecosystem of both suppliers and customers. We look forward to further expanding Achrom’s product offering to enhance the value proposition it currently brings to the Benelux.”

Perfect fit

“I’m very excited about this next chapter in Achrom’s evolution as we become part of the Calibre Scientific family,” adds Nina Van Bockstal, Achrom’s managing director. “Through the years, we have managed to develop great expertise in the Benelux chromatography market. Meanwhile, Calibre Scientific’s extensive chromatography portfolio forms the perfect fit for taking Achrom to the next level.”

Part of a full-blown ecosystem in Flanders

Achrom isn’t the only company that makes Flanders’ ecosystem for life sciences & health business and innovation catch the eye of international investors. Want to unravel this ecosystem in a virtual yet interactive way? Head to the Flanders360 platform and discover 300+ successful companies, universities, R&D centers, incubators and other players active in Flanders’ life sciences & health industry.

Alternatively, check out our industry overview to learn more about the available tax, legal and other incentives for establishing your life sciences & health hub in Flanders.

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