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Ciner Glass
Ciner Glass, a Turkish glass production company, has chosen Flanders as the location for its new glass factory. The project, which will cost EUR 600 million, will be one of the largest investments in the region’s glass industry. The company received intensive guidance and support from various local partners, including Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT).

Lommel’s glass history and strategic location

The new factory will be built at Kristalpark III, a business park in Lommel, Flanders. The site offers several advantages for Ciner Glass, such as a strategic location to serve the European market. Lommel’s past in the glass industry also played a role for Ciner Glass.

There are many large customers nearby. Flanders has a large food industry and many breweries, but also customers in neighboring countries are easily accessible from Limburg.
Gokhan Sen
CEO Ciner Glass

Glass industry with a green vision

Ciner Glass also focuses on sustainable production methods. It uses 75 percent recycled glass, which saves at least 20 percent of energy. Recycled glass melts at a lower temperature. By making the bottles 10 percent lighter, energy and raw materials are further saved.

Flanders: a gateway to the European market

By choosing Flanders, Ciner Glass will benefit from the region’s unique position in Europe. With EU hub Brussels as its capital, Flanders opens up the European market like no other. The region also boasts world-class universities, research centers and a highly productive workforce. These factors make Flanders a successful investment destination. To learn more about the benefits of Flanders, contact one of our offices.

Reported by
De Tijd Newspaper

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