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Kwarts, a scaleup from Flanders that created a client data platform for the life sciences & health industry, is being acquired by its industry peer DLI Market Intelligence. The Danish company will roll out the Kwarts software platform internationally. Previously, Kwarts had been part of the startup program of imec (imec.istart), Flanders’ strategic research center for nanotech and digital innovation

When AI meets life sciences

Kwarts has developed software to streamline, among other things, communication and information exchange between medical professionals and the pharmaceutical industry. Based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, valuable information linked to medical communication, prescriptions and treatments is transmitted efficiently and according to the right priorities. The platform is already being used by several major industry players and holds potential for the global market.

Boosting internationalization

The success has not escaped the attention of DLI Market Intelligence. The Danish company is acquiring Kwarts and will commercialize it internationally. “DLI Market Intelligence is the right partner for us, as they have the necessary contacts within the pharmaceutical industry,” says Kwarts founder Bart Van Proeyen. “This acquisition will only increase the adoption of AI-driven applications in the life sciences industry.”

“The search for a strategic partner with an existing commercial network, who also has qualitative market data available with which we can further increase confidence in our AI algorithms, proved to be a crucial factor to success,” adds Van Proeyen. “We found such a partner in DLI Market Intelligence. As an entrepreneur, you need to be ambitious but also pragmatic at times: to achieve digital transformation in a growing ecosystem, you need to look for the right ingredients to cook with. And that’s what we did.”

Part of Flanders’ digital and life sciences success story

Kwarts is just one of the many tech start-ups and scale-ups that add to the success of Flanders’ business and research ecosystem for life sciences & health. Want to unravel this ecosystem in a virtual yet interactive way? Head to the Flanders360 platform and discover 300+ successful companies, universities, R&D centers, incubators and other players active in Flanders’ life sciences & health industry

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