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Quad Industries, an electronics company based in Sint-Niklaas (Flanders), is joining forces with German adhesives company Henkel to produce smart bandages. An earlier three-way collaboration with start-up Byteflies proved successful, leading Quad Industries and Henkel to prolong their partnership. Quad Industries will channel over EUR 1 million into the smart bandages project.

The bandages of the future

Smart bandages can monitor the breathing rate, heart rate and temperature of patients. Previously already used to monitor heart failure and epilepsy patients, Henkel and Quad Industries’ smart bandages will now also be used to follow up on COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms. This kind of telemonitoring saves hospitals significant costs per patient.

As part of the partnership, Quad Industries will produce a printed electronic circuit and a thin, stretchy film, while Henkel will be responsible for creating an adhesive capable of adhering to human skin for over a week, which normal adhesives cannot achieve. Henkel will also bring its extensive customer network to the table.

We are happy with the new collaboration. Henkel provides us with glue and conducting inks that we use to finish the bandages.

Arne Casteleyn
managing director of sales & strategy at Quad Industries

A long-standing collaboration

This is not the first rodeo together for Henkel and Quad Industries. In addition to a previous collaboration on COVID-19 smart patches with Byteflies in 2020, the two companies have been working together for years. In the past, for example, Henkel supplied adhesives and conductive ink, which Quad Industries uses to manufacture circuit-infused touch film that might replace the classic car dashboard in the future.

What’s more, Quad Industries and Henkel also produce smart shoe soles that measure pressure while running, as well as flexible pressure sensors that facilitate the fitting of prostheses. The duo also produces pressure sensors and a moisture detector to help prevent water leaks.

By working together, we can present our customers with a prototype in a matter of weeks. To our five current projects, five to ten may be added in the coming months.

Stijn Gillissen
global head of printed electronics at Henkel

A family business that’s going places

Quad Industries originates from ACL Technoswitch. Following the acquisitions of cable company Mo.Del and packaging and assembly firm EPCB, Quad Industries was born. 80% of the shares are owned by the Casteleyn family; the other 20% are owned by French car parts manufacturer Novares.

Reported by
newspaper De Tijd

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