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Insights in life sciences and (bio)technology are increasing exponentially, as is the volume of data. These are keys to better decisions, healthier lifestyles, more effective therapies and more patient-centered and home-based care. Mining those insights requires intense cross-disciplinary collaboration – a no-brainer for MEDVIA. “As a community, we actively seek synergies in the areas of prevention and early diagnosis, new personalized treatments and accelerated development of medical devices,” says MEDVIA CEO Ann Van Gysel.

Supported by the Government of Flanders, MEDVIA is one of the official ‘spearhead clusters’ of Flanders, the northern region of Belgium. “MEDVIA allows compagnies to connect at the intersection of medical technologies, biotech and healthcare institutions,” Ann continues. “That way, we keep moving the industry forward and ensuring it remains competitive on a global scale.”

The ‘Yes, together we can’ attitude at MEDVIA

“Together, we can:

  • Bring groundbreaking care to patients by enabling and funding innovation in the domains of biotech, medtech and digital health; 
  • Foster a breeding ground for innovation by providing financial and practical support to companies to expand their markets and connect with stakeholders; 
  • Strengthen the healthcare system by building an interconnected ecosystem for health and care innovation.” 

Groundbreaking care

“Supporting innovation for better healthcare: that’s what MEDVIA is all about,” says Ann. “By encouraging unique advances in healthcare and financially supporting collaborations between companies, hospitals, knowledge centers, universities and healthcare institutions, we stimulate the competitiveness of Flanders-based companies. Developing innovations is one thing, but collaboration and cooperation with the healthcare industry is just as important.

“This leads to several unique forward-looking projects,” Ann adds. “Take Aiplant for instance, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze 3D images of the jaw to suggest optimal implant approach and surgery planning. It is a collaboration of startup Relu, University Hospital UZ Leuven and private practice Xentro Dental. Another example: medtech expert FEops, University Hospital UZ Leuven and the Oost-Limburg hospital are working together to give surgeons faster access to preoperative simulations of the interaction between the heart and an implant.”

Developing innovations is one thing, but collaboration and cooperation with the healthcare industry is just as important.

Ann Van Gysel

A breeding ground for innovation

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, that much is certain. Ann: “As an umbrella hub in the field of medical biotech and digital technology, we are breaking down existing silos and fostering the interactions necessary to counter blind spots. That’s why we are constantly uniting the necessary know-how, talent and infrastructure.

“In addition, internationalization is vital, for both our members and for Flanders’ entire healthtech ecosystem,” Ann adds. “We help companies build their global market by untangling the red tape and regulations. MEDVIA is also a founding member of Medic Nest, the European alliance of healthtech clusters. In tandem with Flanders Investment & Trade, we also help attract foreign companies, investors and talent to strengthen Flanders’ life sciences & health ecosystem and vice versa.”

It's our ambition to address the challenges of our members and support them with tailored services through a collaborative approach.

Ann Van Gysel

A strong healthcare system

Flanders is home to a very strong healthcare system, and the development of technological innovations is firmly embedded in its ecosystem. Ann: “MEDVIA really builds on the strengths of Flanders’ ecosystem, helping its members to bring innovations to patients faster, better and more efficiently. Together with Flanders Investment & Trade, we are developing a strategic roadmap so that we can structurally engage the strengths of Flanders and can become one of Europe’s leading ecosystems for healthcare.”

Building a healthy future

In addition to benefiting the wellbeing of individuals and society, the innovative projects enabled by MEDVIA mostly aim to strengthen the entire health industry. “We don’t just innovate for the sake of innovation,” Ann concludes. “Our goal is clear: we want all patients in Belgium and abroad to have quick and efficient access to the latest healthcare solutions developed in Flanders.”

Cluster ID
  • Founded in: 2021
  • Services: partner search and R&D consortium building, funding and support for business development, consolidation, market intelligence, legislative and normative compliance, government interaction, internationalization, ...
  • Innovation domains: digital technology, medtech, medical biotech
  • Website: https://medvia.be 

MEDVIA members in the spotlight

  • ADX NeuroSciences creates tailor-made antibodies and assays to quantify unique biomarkers in a wide variety of neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Perseus Biomics developed the microbiome analysis technology DynaMAP, which delivers precise microbiome profiles faster than existing technologies.
  • AZ Maria Middelares is part of the E17 Hospital Network and manages two separate medical centers, one in Ghent and one in Aalter.
  • Panda International matches life science professionals with companies and research institutions in several European countries.

There’s more where that came from!

MEDVIA is shaping the future of the healthcare industry in Flanders and beyond. 

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