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We speak your language(s) and understand your needs

Looking to invest in Flanders? You’re in luck: our team of international, multilingual experts is happy to pull out all the stops to support you in setting up or expanding your operations here. In addition, we can help you source from Flanders by assisting you in locating innovative products and services offered by companies in our region.

We help you get in touch with relevant organizations

Other companies, banks and regulators. National, regional and local authorities. You name it, we’ll help you get in contact.

We offer free advice on all facets of your investment

From Flanders’ numerous financial benefits to the different legal aspects of establishing a business (presence) in our region, our experts at FIT will offer you the detailed and helpful advice you’re looking for. In addition, we go to great lengths to organize useful site visits to interesting real estate locations.

We assist you in pinpointing the ideal location

Choosing the right place for your business is a tough nut to crack. To help you, we can provide you with data and insights pertaining to site availability, local labor supply, recruitment, training, suppliers, business strategies, and much more. Already established in Flanders? Contact us for assistance with projects as diverse as plant expansions and the identification of new, high-potential markets for your company.