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Foreign investments in Flanders: branches and subsidiaries

Branches and subsidiaries are the most popular business types for foreign investors in Flanders. Discover which of the two is the better option for starting your operations in the region.

How to start a company in Belgium and its northern region Flanders (in just a few steps)

In general, there’s no need to file with or obtain approval from any governmental entity in Belgium and Flanders before incorporating a company. Yet, before you get up and running, there are several things that you must take care of. Our handy how-to guide has got you covered.

Find your way in Flanders’ business-oriented legal system

As part of the EU and located amid key economies in Europe, Flanders boasts streamlined legal, customs and regulatory systems that support international businesses in their growth ambitions.

Trade-friendly customs legislation

Flanders is an extremely trade-friendly region with a transparent and centralized approach to customs. This legislation concerns the trade of goods between EU and non-EU countries and relates to tariff measures, import quotas and measures intended to safeguard public health.

Extensive business and IP protection

Intellectual property (IP) rights play a crucial role in stimulating innovation and creativity. Several legal mechanisms for protecting various kinds of IP at the Belgian, Benelux and/or European levels are available.

Integrated environmental procedure

Will you carry out construction works in Flanders? Will your business activities impact the surrounding environment? Will you establish retail activities? In all cases, you need to follow the integrated environmental procedure.