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The SME e-wallet: advancing your business

VLAIO’s SME e-wallet is a web application allowing you to obtain annual subsidies of EUR 7,500 – to support the further development of your small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). 

What kind of assistance?

Aid from the SME portfolio can be obtained for two types of services:

  • training – programs for both employees and employers that focus on improving your SME’s current or future way of working, or legally obligatory training programs. Examples include: language, management, computing or communication courses, etc.
  • advice – on how to improve the functioning of your SME, enabling you to make correct and fundamentally informed decisions for your business. Examples include: communication plans, investment analyses, market studies, etc.

How much can I receive?

In the SME e-wallet, a distinction is made between small and medium-sized enterprises as well as between training and advice support. The maximum amount for small enterprises and medium-sized enterprises is EUR 7,500. 

  Support percentage for training Support percentage for advice
Small enterprises (SEs) 30% 30%
Medium-sized enterprises (MEs) 20% 20%

Companies can choose freely to spend the subsidy budget on advice and/or training. 

SME growth subsidies: support your ambitions

Through VLAIO’s SME growth subsidy, small or medium-sized enterprises can receive a subsidy of max. EUR 50,000 per calendar year. Meanwhile, a maximum of EUR 25,000 per advice trajectory can be obtained for actions that help a company gain the specific knowledge needed for growth:

  •  hiring additional staff with the necessary strategic skills;
  •  appeal to external service providers.

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