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Support for two types of R&D projects

VLAIO stimulates innovation in Flanders and finances R&D activities carried out by and/or for Flanders-based companies. The support agency aims to stimulate innovation at companies using two main support instruments for:

  1. research projects – focusing on knowledge building that can lead to important changes within the company in the long haul;
  2. development projects – for innovative ideas (such as new or improved products, processes or services) that can change and enhance a company in the short term.

In addition, companies envisaging an innovative project where the feasibility is not yet sufficiently clear can request support for an R&D feasibility study. This study constitutes the preparation for follow-up support through, for instance, a research or development project subsidy. The funding rate is 40 to 50% (max. EUR 50,000).

Research projects

These subsidies are granted for the implementation of individual projects by one or more companies. For the sake of definition, ‘research projects’ start with an innovative idea that requires new knowledge and for which research and possibly development activities need to be carried out.

In short:

  • This subsidy is available to enterprises active in Flanders.
  • It can be used to cover staff and other costs related to the knowledge acquisition phase of an innovation initiative.
  • It can amount to 25 to 60% of the project budget, with a minimum support amount of EUR 100,000.

Development projects

Is your company working on an innovative idea with significant business potential in the short run? Do you still need to overcome specific hurdles or challenges to be able to fully develop this innovation? VLAIO offers financial aid specifically meant for development projects that play a key part in achieving a business case that can strengthen your company.

In short:

  • Both SMEs and large companies may be eligible for this type of subsidy.
  • The subsidy can be used to hire staff and cover other costs related to the development project.
  • It amounts to 25 to 50% of the project budget, with a minimum support amount of EUR 25,000.

Technological advice and services

VLAIO also supports all companies and research centers in Flanders through the application process and in the form of technological advice through the extent of the project. 

Access to European funding programs

VLAIO acts as the national contact point for European funding programs, assisting in communication on companies’ technologies throughout Europe via the Enterprise Europe Network.

Stimulating coordination and networking

Through 'Team Bedrijfstrajecten’ (translated as ‘Team Business Process’), VLAIO helps stimulate collaboration by bringing innovative companies and research centers in contact with intermediary organizations in Flanders.